Dunbar’s Little Free Library

You may have noticed a little table with an open suitcase near the entrance in the lobby this past week. In considering ‘what constitutes a holiday’, many people in the community wrote about travel experiences: from traveling all the time, to visiting family in France, to a trip to a cabin in the woods – we all seek different experiences in our own holidays.

Jaspal queried the community and it wasn’t long before an old suitcase was found, dusted off and generously donated. It had seen its share of travels, but was now ready to turn to the next chapter… and repurposed with a new life as the Dunbar Community Centre Little Free Library! Everyone is invited to come and browse the collection – see a book you like? Take it home with you. Want to give someone else a turn with books you’ve enjoyed that you’re done reading? Drop off a few books on your next visit.


The Little Free Library concept began a few years back, and the neighbourly ‘take a book, leave a book’ project quickly grew into a global literacy phenomenon. Want to build your own? Lear more about the little free libraries here: http://littlefreelibrary.org/.

Many thanks to the Dunbar branch of the Vancouver Public Library for donating a few choice titles to our Little Free Library! Don’t forget to check out what’s happening at the library, they’re just down the street…


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