The Dunbar Chronicles

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The Dunbar Chronicles: Everyone has a story to tell…

Take a walk through the Dunbar Chronicles – a self-guided walking tour unlike any other!

Extended until Sun June 26!

We asked Dunbar residents to share a few travel anecdotes with us. We then worked with local writers to create short fictional stories based on these anecdotes. These stories are installed in public places across Dunbar as part of this year’s Salmonberry Days Festival.

It’s free and open to everyone, though the stories may appeal more to adults & young adults alike.

Starting point: Get a map from Dunbar Community Centre or the library. Or, you can download a map here.
Time: Can be as long or short as you like – from 5 min to visit one story, to about 1.5 hour to visit all of the stories.
Dates: (rain or shine): The walking tour is self-guided and can be completed any time.

Please get in touch with any questions or comments:



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