What Constitutes a Holiday?


Is the main question we will use to frame our intentions for all of our work with community members at the Dunbar Community Centre. To begin the conversation and establish a presence in the lobby area, I repurposed some surplus vinyl letters from a previous art project to transform one of the Community Centre’s bulletin boards into a question and response board. As a first gesture, the board will solicit the quick response and mark the beginning of what I hope will be a meaningful exchange of knowledge, dialogue, and new perspectives, as we try to unravel the notion of a holiday.

Below are just some of the responses we received on the first day it was installed. If you are in the neighbourhood, please drop-in and feel free to scribble, doodle, or carefully compose a response for us.

– E. Yon (July 23, 2015)

05_WHP_Board 07_WHP_Board 08_WHP_Board06_WHP_BoardIMG_20150821_124227IMG_20150821_124207IMG_20150821_124145



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